Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hello, My name is Octavio, and welcome to The Animation Buzz. On this blog, I will talk about the latest news about anything related to animation in the movie industry. Whether be full animated movies or animation in live action movies.

I decided to create this blog because I've  always been fascinated about the world of animation since the first time I saw  the first 3D animated movie Toy story on the big screen when I was little kid. Now that I'm older, I do some 3D modeling and animation. In fact, I'm taking my degree in visual communications at Lone Star College and it's awesome. If you interested in studying  animation and live in Houston, you should check  the degree in Visual Communications. Here is the link: Lone Star College CyFair Website.

If you don't' how animation about animation works, no problem. Here is a video that explains the 12 basic principles of animation. Enjoy and subscribe

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